Beijing Taiwei Country Club

Taiwei Country Club

Covers an area of over 1,332,000 square meter, Beijing Taiwei Golf Club equips one 18 hole international standard Beijing golf course and one 2 layers practice ground with 60 tee. The former is one of the qualified mountain courses that built along the hillsides, which can rare be found in Beijing this plain place. With a total length of 7,177 yard, the course balances two different styles: the first 9 holes, be located in a compared open and plain area, offering a relaxing golf playing atmosphere, while the rest 9 holes, to the contrary, challenge is the main character, but which just fit another spirit of Beijing golfing – fight to the end.

Beijing Taiwei Golf Club is located in Xiangtang New Culture Village, Cuicun, Changping District, which is in the north of Beijing on the nexus of the central-axis of the Forbidden City and Yanshan Mountains, a site preserved for the royal family chosen by Emperor Yingzong of the Ming Dynasty. The course is a long trapezoid surrounded by such mountains as Jiangjunduo in the north, Nanapo in the south, Zhushan Hill in the east and Diaoyupo in the west. From the course, you can see the metropolis in the south and the Mountain Buddh in the north. Covering an area of more than 130 hectares, the Club has attracted an investment of more than 300 million yuan, and is complete with facilities of accommodation, business, recreation and leisure, including an 18-hole mountain-style championship course, a five-star hotel, a forest and a fruit-picking garden. The 18-hole/72 par course is 7,010 yards long. It is a unique mountain-style course with a fall of 70 meters. The first 9 holes scatter on the crisscross routes twisting among the mountains, posing a great amount of challenge to players, and the route for the last 9 holes winds its way across the flourishing persimmon orchard, a relaxing environment for players who have just fought off the challenge. The 18-hole course is even more thrilling than a 36-hole or 45-hole Beijing golf course, and is extremely appealing to Beijing golf fanciers.

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